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With summertime in full swing, so is weekend travel, especially if you live in NYC. Nothing is less chic than lugging around your body weight in luggage, except arriving to your destination with nothing to wear!

Enter a rescue guide to preparing for a fuss free vacation. The secret is EDITING your wardrobe selection to only the most versatile and low-maintenance items. Check out the following key pieces to you from a day at the beach, to souvenir shopping in town, to a sunset dinner. Whether you’re weekending in the Hamptons, the Catskills, or the Caribbean – these essentials will help you stay effortlessly natty, even miles from the comfort of your closet.

Choose a light cashmere or chunky cotton cardigan to throw over anything when the summer sun starts to set. If you go for a bulky open weave, be sure to wear it while you travel so that it doesn't over stuff your bag. Plus, you'll be cozy and guarded from the inevitably arctic AC in planes, trains and buses.

A maxi dress is a no-brainer for a carefree summer wardrobe. Make sure to choose one in a wrinkle-free fabric so that you can throw it on, right out of the bag. Add a long necklace, or a bangle or three and you're good to go!
When it comes to jewelry during the summer, keep it simple. Choose a delicate chain to highlight tan collarbones, and a thin ring or bracelet that you can leave on always - even on the beach. A chunky men's watch adds instant polish without seeming fussy or overdressed.

What could be easier than a top and a bottom in one piece? Throw it on with a pair of dressed up gladiator sandals and VOILA - instant outfit. A chic romper or jumpsuit makes getting dressed on the go a breeze.
EMBELLISHED SANDALS Flat sandals go beyond practical to essential when embelished with details, bright colors or an interesting texture. A plain cotton dress or denim shorts go from lame to loveable when paired with a patent strappy sandal or beaded gladiator. A great pair will quite literally take you anywhere you go...
Grab a lightweight linen or cotton scarf in a neutral tone or a sunny shade to add a pop of color to everything you wear. Loop it around the handle of your beach bag to act as a pillow, or shelter from the sun. When the ocean breeze gets a bit chilly, throw a scarf around your shoulders or wrapped around your neck to give texture to your look.

VINTAGE LOUIS VUITTON KEEPALL - TBD Search local consignment shops and Ebay for vintage Vuitton - just make sure that you know how to spot a fake! 
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