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BACK TO BASICS: Boyfriend Jeans

Ba·sic (bsk) adj.
1. An essential, fundamental element or entity
2.(Usually plural) a necessary commodity for which demand is constant

The Boyfriend Jean. No, I'm not talking about the bit of DNA that differentiates lifelong bachelors from guys actually capable of commitment. The Boyfriend Jean is a denim trend that has been lurking around in the closets of hipsters and the fashion forward for ages, and in 2009 has become a staple in mainstream fashion. DKNY, Dsquared² and Deisel were among many designers to showcase the style in their 2009 runways shows, and thanks to celebs like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckam and Lindsay Lohan schlepping around Hollywood in saggy-baggy styles, the Boyfriend Jean is now essential for all fashion followers.

There is something super sexy about this low-riding fit and lived in feel, which suggests that you may, or may not have just rolled out of bed with your boyfriend, and simply slipped into a pair of his pants. The truth is - even if you have a boyfriend, the chances that you can actually share jeans are slimmer than his waistline would have to be to make that possible. Luckily everyone from brands like Current/Elliot and Genetic Denim down to American Eagle and the Gap have come up with versions designed to sit comfortably on ladies' little hips. Best paired with a simple but figure flattering t-shirt or tank, slouchy denim is a key ingredient in creating a style that is effortlessly chic.


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