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A NATTY NUGGET: Sample Sale Secrets

Everyone knows that New York is a shopping mecca.  Dozens of designer flagship stores line the cobblestone streets of Soho, the West Villiage and bustling Fifth Ave; while the towering department stores of the Upper East Side bring every category and brand of fashion favorites under one roof.  Tourists flock to the city day in and day out, loading their arms with shiny shopping bags full of exclusive wearables and fashion finds.

What visitors don't realize, is that one of the greatest secrets to New York's abundant retail industry - is the Sample Sale.

A Sample Sale thrives on the fact that so many designers are housed here in NYC, and therefore so is their excess stock.  Anything that's over-shipped, under-sold or often never produced - arrives at a temporary sample sale hosted by the fashion house or brand, at a grossly reduced price.  Nearly everyone hosts their own sample sale: from contemporary brands like Elizabeth and James, Inhabit, Rebecca Taylor and even JCrew; to the most elite fashion houses like YSL, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.  A few are extremely exclusive and by invitation only (such as Christian Louboutin or Chanel) however - the vast majority are open to the public, if you know where to look...

Wanna be in the know?  Check out the following sites which list upcoming local sample sales, and sign up for mailing lists to ensure that you don't miss a thing.  Trust me, your wardrobe AND wallet, will thank you!  Happy shopping...


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