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If there is one prevailing trend in fashion right now, it's inconspicuous luxury, and the mixing of rough and tumble style with high-end accents.  Think current fashion-favorite, Erin Wasson's coveted "edgy chic" look of or girl-of-the-moment, Alexa Chung's blend of fashion-forward style and hedonistic embellishments.  These days it's all about a slouchy t-shirt, ratty pair of jeans and luxe accessories.  And nobody does luxe accessories quite like Australian born jewelry line, St. Kilda.

What makes St. Kilda so unique is their ability to seamlessly combine edgy looks with elegant execution, so that even a scorpion ring has a feminine feel when done in 18k gold and white diamonds.  But even the most conservative fashionphiles will find a little something to love in St. Kilda's extensive collection: There are the daintiest gold, silver and jeweled rings perfectly delicate on their own or stacked, floral shaped pink diamond studs for your ears, and tiny heart pendants that rest sweetly on your collarbone.

At St. Kilda it's all in the details; an apparently simple rose gold band offers a secret message with "loved" engraved on the side, and a snake bracelet winks mischievously from your wrist with one emerald eye.  Through sensational designs created in precious and semi-precious materials, St. Kilda jewelry is both on-trend, and classic.

To understand more about St. Kilda's inspiration, I met with the line's designer and creator, Nora Kogan.  See what she had to say about her lustworthy collection:

NATTY STYLE: When did you begin designing, and what were you doing before?

NORA KOGAN: Unofficialy, I started designing jewelry in my teens. My mother's passion was jewelry, she collected antique jewelry and had many pieces custom made. She appreciated my sensibility and taste and always asked my opinion.  Helping my mum segued into making jewelry for friends and girlfriends and led to custom work and eventualy to starting St. Kilda! 

Before I decided to go to school and study goldsmithing, I traveled and lived all over the world. In Japan, I worked in nightclubs and did Russian translations and radio voice-overs, in Israel I studied in a Yeshiva. In London, I worked as a nanny...I bummed around and avoided responsibility.

NS: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

NK: Anything that captures my imagination. Something I half see out of the corner of my eye and want to interpret as a piece of jewelry. Very often, it's the stones themselves.

NS: Do you have any muses?

NK: My girlfriend, Karen, is most definitely my muse, and often the recipient of my best new pieces! I love her style - laid back, she looks effortless but is kinda chic. She's a tomboy who's definitely a girl. And she is always true to herself. 

NS: Is there a dream person you'd like to see wearing St. Kilda, or a place you'd love to see it sold?

NK: Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's like the feminine version of Karen.

NS: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

NK: Right now I'm in love with my new wedding rings, especially the Rapture ring in 18k black gold!

NS: Anything else you would like to share?

NK: I just opened my first store a year ago and what I love now is being able to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Because people are coming to me now primarily for wedding and engagement rings, I'm doing what I love to do best, designing with a person in mind. I feel like I've come a full circle. Plus, doing the interior of the store has brought out the decorator in me. I'm feeling a second career in the future!

So are we, Nora - and if it's anything like your first career, it's sure to be filled with sparkles and success!

Visit St. Kilda's new Brooklyn boutique for the best selection, or shop online where Natty Style readers will receive an EXCLUSIVE 25% DISCOUNT now through Tuesday, February 2nd.  Enter the code "NATTY25" in the comments section upon checkout to receive your discount.  Happy Shopping!


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