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BUY NOW WEAR NOW: Fleece Lined Leggings

For those of us who've given up on traditional pants in favor of the comfort and ease of leggings, the winter months can be extra least from the waist down.  While there's nothing better than a streamlined legging tucked into boots to balance out the bulky silhouette of winter sweaters and coats; they are not always the practical choice.  With nothing but a thin layer of a cotton/spandex blend between your stems and Jack Frost, it can feel as though icicles have taken root at your hips - swinging around where your legs should be.  Enter Plush's Fleece Lined Leggings to save your tush from an icy fate.

These soon to be winter closet-staples feature a cozy fleece lining, underneath a sleek and stretchy outer-layer to help you stay warm while keeping your cool.  Warning: once you experience what winter feels like without frostbitten knees, you may have trouble wearing anything else.  Luckily, Plush makes tons of other essential styles including fleece lined tights, footless tights, stirrup pants and knee highs - each and everyone of them guaranteed to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling...inside and out.  No more popsicle peg legs for you, take that, Jack.  


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