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NATTY NEWS: Double the Sex in this City

From a fashionphile's perspective, never was there a more beloved show, or cast of women than that of Sex and the City.  The cultish HBO series left millions of fashionable fans devastated when they decided to end after a mere 6 seasons in 2004.  An excruciating 4 years later, the girls (and their wacky and wonderful wardrobes) were finally back, with the Sex and the City movie released in 2008.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a film that only true fans could appreciate.  The time apart had clearly affected the actresses as much as audiences, and the film suffered from a lack of chemistry between the 4 principal characters.  Nevertheless, did we (the fans) love it anyway?  Of course we did.  Did our hearts break when Carrie and Big's "Big Day" went the wrong way?  You betcha.  Did we crack up when prim and proper Charlotte had her oopsie poopsie Poughkeepsie moment?  Hell yes!  Because these four women were not only the stars of our favorite TV show, they're our friends. The ladies who's sometimes silly, yet always aspirational lives allowed us to live and love vicariously through them every Sunday night for 6 years.  

Now, 2 years after the first film, and 6 since the series ended - Sex and the City 2 brings about yet another dose of fun and fashion from the dream team; all but making up for it's truncated television run.  Last night was the world premiere of the highly anticipated sequel in New York City, at Radio City Music Hall.  I was lucky enough to attend the extravagant affair and preview the film, thanks to my adorable and talented boyfriend who plays a small role in the film as a lawyer in Miranda's office. 

I don't know whether I was caught up in the moment of overwhelming shared suspense - but I am surprised to say that think I enjoyed SATC2 better than it's predecessor.  The girls definitely got their mojo back, and riffed off of each other like the old pals we've missed.  Creator Michael Patrick King apparently made the decision to go balls-to-the-wall on all aspects of the film: from the glamour, to the star studded cameos (including Liza Minelli's hysterical opening number), to the audacious scene stealing jokes.  Most importantly, SATC2 didn't seem to take itself too seriously - and the result had the entire audience rolling from minute one.  I won't give away any of the plot for those who prefer a virginal movie going experience, but expect a gasp inducing moment or two, loads of laughter, and plenty of outrageous headwear courtesy of Patricia Field's costuming.  

As for the best dressed of the 4 ladies at last night's premiere?  My pick is hands down Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore a show-stopping, highlighter yellow gown by Valentino.  Kristen Davis followed the fluorescent fashion statement in a vintage piece by Jean Dresses.  Kim Cattrall was also colorful in Naaem Khan, but Cynthia Nixon seemed to have missed the memo, appearing in a somber (though classic) black gown by Carolina Herrera. 

Incidentally, I appear onscreen myself for a (VERY) brief moment in the very first scene, as an 80's power woman walking past Miranda in the flashback sequence.  (You may want to bring a pair of binoculars, and glue your eyes to the right side of the screen in search of a massive beehive atop a white vintage Thierry Mugler suit.  Hotness.)

Sex and the City 2 hits theaters TOMORROW, May 27th.  So grab your girls, your Louboutin's and your tickets asap for a night of decadence and over-the-top ... everything.

View the trailer HERE.

- Natty


  1. glad you had a blast! Can't wait to see it :-)