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BACK TO BASICS: A Summer Beauty Boost

As summer settles in and temperatures start to rise - so does the need for keeping your cool.  I caught up with the beautiful and talented makeup-artist, Cris Jenkins, (below) for some beauty boosting tips on how to stay fresh-faced and pretty, all summer long...

Calls Herself: Cris Jenkins
Credibility Factor: Freelance Makeup Artist
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NATTY STYLE: What are this summer's key beauty trends? 

CRIS JENKINS: Color! Coral is the new pink. Coral is a fresh and sophisticated approach to summer and really a happy medium between pretty pink and vampy red. And don't think you can't join the party: beauty brands have made a coral for every skin tone!  Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel - everyone seems to be all-over the coral craze with shades ranging from peachy to salmon corals, warmer mango, orange and even amber corals. 
NS: What products will keep us looking hot in the metaphorical sense, and NOT the physical when the weather heats up? 

CJ: I'm excited by Smashbox's Artifical Light (both colors). A fellow makeup artist, Jackie Gomez, introduced it to me on one of the pre-Fashion Week shows last year in NYC and I've been in love ever since. It gives skin a dewey glow that looks great when the sun hits your face. I like to blend it around the bones of the eye; an inverted C application. I recommend starting above eyebrow, blending out into the hairline then come down to just on top of the cheek bone. In the evening I like to take it down the center of the nose. Looks HOT! Celebrity glow HOT!

NS: Since summer is all about vacation and weekend trips, do you have any tips for traveling and how to pack only what we'll need while away? 

CJ: Absolutely! Look for products that are multi-purpose or functional. There are three items in Bobbi Brown's line that I love. To keep it simple I personally use her tinted moisturizer w/ spf in the summer. You've got a little bit of coverage, moisture and protection in one product. My other personal favorite multi-function item is her Pot Rouge - good for a little color on your lips and cheeks. Then there's her Shimmer Bricks - they work double-time as an eyeshadow and a highlighter: just dust wherever the sun would hit the face.  It even looks great lightly dusted on shoulders and chest...just simple and beautiful.



  1. Love the suggestion of getting the SmashBox Artificial Light Product. I try to emphasize my cheek bones any chance I get, sometimes blush doesn't do it alone so you need to find other ways to attract light to your face. The tinted moisturizers are a great alternative to thick and gummy foundations that no one wants to wear in hot and humid days. Thanks for the practical tips!

  2. I love the dewy look you talked about. I've always wanted that Jay Lo look, I hope to use your tips to rock this style. Thanks!

  3. I agree with you totally that coral is the new pink. Flattering on everyone. Had opportunity to see some of your work at a couple of events and you are FANTASTIC. Everyone looked totally naturally beautiful. Hope to see your name in makeup credits soon!

  4. I agree too that coral is the new pink! Coral lately has been my fav color esp for the summer. However, I'm having a problem wearing colors in the coral fam as makeup with out looking too blushed. Can u pls give any suggestions as to how to apply a coral color on my cheeks/eyes that will look more natural? I am a black woman w/fair skin. BTW, I read your interviews before you give great tips that seem doable for every kind of woman!! Thanks!!