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A NATTY NUGGET: Friday Refreshment I

Earlier this week I posted some tips from my friend and nutritionista, Megan Zimak, on watching what you eat during summer's social season.  But sometimes, you just need a cool cocktail to beat the heat.  That's why Megan has passed along some refreshing recipes for guilt-free goodies to wet your whistle.  Look out for a new one every Friday until the heat breaks.  

Today we have a tropical treat - just add a bikini and a big floppy hat -- and enjoy!

Pineapple Vanilla Mojito: 155 calories
1 oz. pineapple chunks
2 lime wedges
1/2 oz. agave nectar
4 mint leaves
1 oz. Papagayo Silver Organic Rum
1/4 oz. Navan vanilla liqueur
2 oz. club soda
1 pineapple wedge 
1 mint sprig 

In a rocks glass, muddle pineapple, limes, agave and mint leaves. Add ice, rum and vanilla liqueur; top with soda. Stir to combine. Garnish with the pineapple wedge and mint sprig.



  1. Sounds delicious! Was just thinking about refreshing, low calorie summer drinks. Never checked out what's in a "Skinny Girl Margarita", but if it's tequilla, I'm out.

    Nice Blog Natty! Adding you to my faves on my Blog,

  2. Thanks for the support Debbi!! There's plenty more where that came from - keep checking back, 'till then - cheers! x