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STYLE-O-PHILE: Ashley Harris

Where fashion is determined by designers, editors and industry - style is what someone makes of it all...
Style - O - Phile highlights individuals who's style is unique and inspirational. This edition is dedicated to a well-heeled LA transplant recently settled into the bustling New York scene: Ashley Harris.

Name: Ashley Harris
Home Grown In: a mish-mash of Chicago, Napa Valley, Hawaii and southern CA
Currently Living it Up in: Manhattan, NY
Whistles While She Works As: Part time model, part time PR, all the time fabulous...

NATTY: How would you describe your personal style?

ASHLEY HARRIS: A cool and classic chameleon...or something of the sort.

N: Who/what is your fashion inspiration?

AH: I am very much inspired by the people and life existing around me as well as all things classic that tend to stand the test of time.

Though, I am often intrigued with all the fashion trends, major publications, and a few designers ranging from YSL to Tom Ford, and even a little more every day realistic favorite is that California casual James Perse. Being causal,comfortable and confident tends to be what I aim to exude every time I step out the door.

N: Do you have a rule of thumb when shopping and/or getting dressed?

AH: While shopping I almost always feel as though it should be more about the experience and in stumbling upon wonderful pieces versus a pressured look or style. Some of the best pieces I have in my closet (still in my closet) are those that were unexpected versatile finds.

While getting dressed I almost always know what look I am going for, that is the first look I've been inspired to try on... mind you I do have to try on at least 45 others before going back to that initial first.

Its just the way it is. Unexplainable, like socks that go missing in the dryer.

N: What is your favorite look for spring?

AH: All things natural and bohemian, yet tailored and posh.

Channeling a bit of DVF on the boho note....but a crisp and comfy basic button down or light weight neutral blouse tucked into a killer pair of fitted, even high wasted khaki shorts/pants paired with a great wedge or espadrille topped with an over sized floppy bohemian hat....pure bliss.

N: Any fashion tips/secrets for my readers?

AH: As for tips... a bit cliche, but when you find something you adore, buy it in every color. As for style... fitted pieces are always best. find things that fit you well, that you don't have to adjust every 5 minutes, and that are
veristal with other pieces in your wardrobe.

N: Are there any specific pieces that you are you currently coveting?

AH: I am a bit enthralled with sky high over the knee boots, red lipstick and fur. Done in pure confidence and in effort to help bring back a little bit of decadence during this recession. Mind you, It is winter in New York city and who doesn't love a little Helmut Newton inspiration here and there

N: Do you have a look or a piece in your wardrobe that you find yourself wearing again and again?

AH: Black high waisted skinny jeans, with a bit of a tattered whole in the knee (this happened naturally while tumbling over cobble stone in those "sky high over the need boots") and James Perse fitted racer-back cotton tank top.... the perfect blank canvas for a any and every pair of heels, coat and accessory imaginable.

N: What items to do think are worth investing in, and what would you rather get on the cheap?

AH: I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.

Though I am a bargain shopping fanatic, I tend to focus solely on designer classic pieces. Anything that is able to stand the test of time (as noted before) through trends, fads, and hell through my mothers and grandmothers closet is well worth any investment.

If it something I think will make a great statement for the moment I don't splurge...I go rather cheap, but accentuate it with all those classic timeless pieces I have invested in thus far.

N: Anything else you want to add?

AH: My style is me. It changes consistently (thus my chameleon side note) due to my environment, mood, and inspiration. I will always hold true to things that are flattering and in a nutshell, though I love to be "cool", I am quite "classic" in every sense of the word.


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