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Tie dye is one of those styles that's been around for ages ... like literally since about 600 AD in China and Japan.  Of course it was those crafty hippies in the 60's who made it popular in mainstream culture - and while it disappeared temporarily from the fashion scene for a few years there, for several season's it's been back and better than ever.

The difference between our parent's tie-dye and our own - is that it's no longer limited to just t-shirts and psychedelic colors.  These days, we've seen tie dyed dresses, jackets, pants and even jeans spinning down the runways in colors ranging from the brightest brights to sleek and edgy blacks and grays.  

As for this California native, I think the tie die trend is pretty groovy.  So much so in fact, that I recently hosted a little tie-dying party for a couple of girlfriends!  For some DIY fashion fun, channel your inner flower child using a cool slouchy t-shirt or simple white cotton dress.  Pick up a basic tie-dye kit, and mix your own modern colors.  You'll feel like you're 11 years old again, but you'll wind up with some funky styles that are anything but faded...


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