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LINE TO LOVE: Très Hot, Très Chic, TRE Rings!

Bigger is least that's my opinion when it comes to statement jewelry this season.  And lately, I've been obsessed with rings - in particular, giant glass orbs by TRE.  These big bad baubles ad a bold pop to any outfit; and since they're thick, handmade Venetian glass - they won't tarnish or crack.  Which makes them perfect for tossing into your beach bag for instant seaside style.  

Available in a rainbow of delicious shades, TRE's treasures are superb alone or layered.  And the best surprise?  These lux gems ring it at only $85*!!  

To find out more about the TRE's (almost) too-good-to-be-true rings 'n things, I caught up with one-half of the design duo behind TRE, Marisa Brown (shown left):

NATTY: How did Tre begin?

MARISA BROWN: TRE started because Ulrica and I are both into different, fun "bang for your buck" fashion.  We don't like "obvious" head-to-toe looks, and we wanted to create accessories that were relevant, different, and really made a statement - something that would really impact your overall look without costing too much.  Glass was the perfect medium to begin with; it is a fabulous substance that can be played with in a variety of fun colors and patterns, and it doesn't tarnish or look crappy if you forget about it in your jewelry drawer (like so much other costume jewelry does).  

N: How did you and Ulrica meet, and what were you both doing before TRE?

MB: Ulrica and I have been friends for almost a decade!  We met out and about in the big apple - I immediately admired her style for being so different and chic - she always looked fabulous in an effortless way.  Before starting TRE, Ulrica worked first at an advertising firm, and then in home design and decor.  I have always loved fashion and been involved in the fashion industry in some way; I used to design and distribute hand smocked children's clothing from Brazil, hen I helped out my good friend, Allegra Hicks, with bringing her beautiful designs from Europe to the US.  

N: Where did the name "TRE" come from?

MB: TRE means 3 in many romance languages; we are 3 partners - Ulrica, myself and a third silent partner.  There has also always been something sort of mystical and magical about the number 3.  In fact, when we were choosing our company's name, the New York Times Sunday Styles wrote an article on just that - the power and magic of the number 3 - so we knew it was destiny!

N: What's the inspiration behind the brand and the designs?

MB: It's all about looking great and feeling confident without spending a fortune.  Our designs are chunky and bold, colorful and bright.  Our designs will never be too serious, just FUN!

N: Is there a dream person you would like to see wearing Tre?

MB: OPRAH!  She is absolutely my IDOL - both of ours - we love her passion for everything she does, and we share that same kind of passion for our collection.  Our designs can be worn on teenagers and grandmothers alike, and they can be worn to make an otherwise dowdy skirt suit look suddenly mod and chic, or they can make jeans and a t-shirt look more dressed up and put together.

N: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

MB: All of our pieces are named after our mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters etc.  My favorite piece is the GIOIA, named after my daughter.  Ulrica's is the ANITA in our new metallic line (the ANITA is our signature ring, the biggest and boldest of all, which the entire collection was based on, named after Ulrica's mother.)

N: Any styling tips for wearing Tre's designs?

MB: Wear any of our styles to take you in a different direction; sometimes you need a stylish accent for your jeans, other times you need a chicer look for your suit - we have a ring or a necklace that will make a huge impact on your outfit that day or night, and it will make you feel confident, stylish and fabulous!

Well speaking from personal experience, I couldn't agree more, Marisa!  
So stock up now, ladies, trust me - the compliments you will receive are well worth the small price tag...

PSST: Tre does more than just the Anita ring (pictured throughout post) check out the full collection on their website.

Additional styles available at the following retailers, as well as specialty boutiques across the country:

Bergdorf Goodman
Kirna Zibette
Henri Bendel
Neiman Marcus

*Collection prices range from $50 - $95 for different sizes and styles

- Natty

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