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LUST LIST: Big Peepin'

Flipping through the pages of an issue of Bazaar back in February, I was halted when I came across an ad for Donna Karan collection.  A wispy blonde peered out at me from the page - cinched waist, slender hips and long legs...and below it all, she was boosted up on the most perfect platform peep-toes I've laid eyes on in a while:

This wasn't the first time this specific sandal (officially named the Gueliz) had stopped my heart.  My footwear fantasy began back when the collection first showed in September 2009 - strutting down the runway, each incarnation seemed better than the last.  Rarely has raffia felt so right, or canvas so could I ever wait 'till spring for them to be mine?  

Now that they're here, this shoe du jour is experiencing it's moment (with no surprise to me) it calls to me from spread after spread of editorials and magazine shopping lists.  Unfortunately, the $725 price tag will keep them on my Lust List a little while longer.  I won't blame you if catching a "peep" of these beauties begins a love affair all your own...