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203 WEST 19TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10011

Tucked away on a sleepy residential block in the heart of Chelsea, lies one of my favorite undiscovered gems.  Though the name implies otherwise, Sugar Cookies is actually a boutique filled with treats of another sort, though every bit as sweet.

Lace, silk and cotton line the walls of the petite space in the form of undergarments and pjs.  A surprisingly wide array of intimates, both practical and delicate, mingle seamlessly with a small selection of RTW.  Whether you need to stock up on your fave Cosabella Cutie thongs, snuggle up in some luxurious Skin pj pants or find a bridal garter or gift set - Sugar Cookies will (have what it takes) to satisfy your craving.

Recently, I caught up with one of Sugar Cookie's owners, Susanne Alvarado, to find out a little more about this unique boutique.
Natty Style: What's the story behind the name, and who are the head "bakers?"
Susanne Alvarado: Sugar Cookies has evolved from the new boudoir on the block to a downtown destination with a loyal following. Often confused for a bakery, "cookie" is a cheeky way of referring to a woman's most intimate part. Corrie Lynn Broderick and Susanne Alvarado are the brains and the bodies of the shop.
NS: Why did you open Sugar Cookies and how did you get started? 
SA: After several years of working for prestigious companies in the intimate apparel industry and recognizing a lack of upscale lingerie boutiques in Chelsea, I decided to take the proverbial leap and open Sugar Cookies with Corrie, who's worked for Christie's and other New York galleries. I got to the point where I was frustrated with my superior's who refused to listen to what the customers wanted and I knew I could do it better. Instead, of continuing to complain about it, I decided to make the change. It's such a pleasure coming going to work every day and helping woman feel comfortable, confident and beautiful about the selection they've chosen. Seeing a repeat customer... and we have many is "priceless" reward for us. 
NS: What makes Sugar Cookies unique/special? 
SA: We strive to distinguish our boutique from lingerie stores by providing our customers with discrete, personalized service. We are your very own personal shopper. We truly listen to our clients wants and wishes and cater to their needs. We're not intimidating... we are dedicated to finding our customers the perfect items for their bra wardrobe. 
NS: What's your favorite piece or collection in the shop right now? 
SA: We can't seem to get enough of Mimi Holliday's fall collection. Every style is exquisite but if we had to pick one, it would be Etoile De Nuit balcony bra and classic knicker. It's a midnight blue silk satin and french lace collection... it's sophisticated & sexy!
NS: Any special tidbits you'd like readers to know? 
SA: We received 2010 Best Personal Touch Award from Intima Magazine. It was such an honor receiving that award which consisted of 151 nominees. Our award was given to us because of category our uniqueness, customer service and vision. Well known brands such as Wacoal, Hanky Panky, Cosabella, Panache, Claire Pettibone, Natori, Empreinte, Carol Malony, La Perla, and Chantelle, comprise the Best Shop Awards jury. 
Inviting, chic, and elegant with a splash of sexy... that's Sugar Cookies!


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