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NATTY NEWS: Surgery Chic?

Like so many fashionphiles out there, to call myself a "fan" of Tom Ford would be putting it mildly.  When I snagged my Tom Ford era Gucci clutch at a DecadesTwo pop up shop last year, I nearly passed out with excitement.  The same might happen when I finally make it to the magazine store to pick up my copy of French Vogue's December issue - guest edited by none other than the fashion phenom himself.

Not only does he rock an Native American headdress for the cover - but together with Carine Roitfeld and Crystal Renn they created a full spread dedicated to the dangers of plastic surgery.  The spread is shocking to say the least, and coupled with Renn's outspoken reputation regarding size and image in the fashion industry - the spread makes quite a statement.  Wearing terrifyingly realistic plastic surgery bandages, along with the latest in fall fashion of course - Renn appears emotionless and almost brainwashed in the images.  Seemingly seeking male approval (she's photographed in the arms of at least 3 different men) Renn appears to win her prize at the end, landing in the lap of a dapper but equally emotionless WASP.

To look the part - the once anorexic, later plus-size model donned a prosthetic mask to augment her cheekbones and lips to that of a surgery addict.  Here's what she had to say about the whole ordeal:
“What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to express myself, often doing this by becoming a sort of character on the shoots that I do, and every time I work with Carine I feel the character approach is emphasized,” Renn told us. “When they were taking the cast of my face, fitting me for prosthetic cheeks and lips, I remember thinking this is why I do my job, for moments like this. After the shoot I took that very mask and asked Tom to sign it, it sits in my living room as we speak.”
Well it's certainly more personalized than a pair of shoes...


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